Energy Programs

Green Power Switch

Green Power Switch is a simple way for you to increase regional renewable energy and protect the local environment for future generations. For as little as $4 a month you can do your part to support renewable electricity from sources such as wind, solar and biomass.

Thousands of corporate and institutional customers are buying Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to help reduce their environmental impact.

  • Green Power Switch is sold in 150-kilowatt-hour blocks that cost an additional $4 each per month. Businesses are asked to buy at least five blocks for a total of $20. 
  • TVA and the distributors of TVA power publicly salute business participants in Green Power Switch at three different levels of support:
    • Green Power Supporters:  5 – 499 blocks each month
    • Green Power Champions:  500 – 2,499 blocks each month
    • Green Power Visionaries:  2,500 blocks or more each month

For more information or to sign up visit www.tva.com/greenpowerswitch/

Comprehensive Services

Through the Comprehensive Services Program (CSP), TVA and Local Power Companies provide engineering and technical assistance to commercial and industrial customers to mitigate energy use problems.  CSP covers all areas of energy use, including power analysis, technical services, energy use, and predictive maintenance.  TVA engineers and technicians deliver high value solutions to issues regarding power quality, power factor, and metering.  Other services, such as energy audits, lighting recommendations, infrared scanning, and ultrasonic testing are designed to assist commercial and industrial customers remain profitable.  Please call 270-782-1200 and ask to speak to a Marketing representative for more information. 

EnerNOC Demand Response Program

The TVA-EnerNOC Demand Response Program provides an opportunity for commercial, institutional, and industrial customers of local power companies in the TVA service territory to earn money and drive energy savings through demand response (DR). Your participation helps support the reliability of the local electric grid and help maintain affordable electricity across the Tennessee Valley region.  Please call 270-782-1200 and ask to speak to a Marketing representative for more information.