Energy Programs



New Homes Program
  • The Energy Right Solutions New Homes Program is designed to encourage the construction of energy-efficient, all-electric new homes in the BGMU service area. 
  • A new home qualifies for the program's energy right label by achieving an overall energy-efficiency rating that meets or exceeds the level of energy efficiency required for residential construction. 
  • Call 270-782-1200 for details. 


Heat Pump Plan
  • Under the Energy Right Heat Pump Plan, customers are eligible to receive a rebate for installing a heat pump meeting TVA's installation standards. 
  • Call for more information, 270-782-1200.


Green Power Switch
  • Green Power Switch is a simple way to support regional renewable energy.
  • Each $4.00 block of Green Power Switch you buy is added to your monthly bill and ensures 150 kilowatt-hours of electricity is generated by a renewable resource such as wind, solar, or biomass.
  • Call 270-782-1200 or visit www.tva.com/greenpowerswitch/ for more information.